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January Meeting Lecture

Join us during our regularly scheduled January meeting for a lecture by our special guest, Kitty Wilkin @nightquilter! Kitty will be visiting us from Maine on January 18, 2020. All guests and visitors are welcome to attend the lecture during our meeting. Kitty will be hosting an optional paid workshop after the meeting where she will teach up tiny piecing (sign up link HERE)! See more about the lecture below:

Quilts to Mark Milestones What do you get when you combine journaling with quilting, and add a little bit of photography? Milestone quilts! Come explore the world of quilts created to mark milestones, and see why these quilts are a fun and meaningful solution to joyful sewing in this busy world. Join Kitty as she shares the milestone quilt she created for her third child to mark his first year of life, and explores other life events that can be documented through the creation of a quilt. Leave feeling inspired and ready to document your days through quilt-making, one attainable goal at a time.

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