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Summer Swap! #IndyHouMQGSwap2019


Sign Up HERE

Welcome to the Houston Indy MQG Swap signups! We are excited you’re here! Please read this info in its entirety before signing up for the swap. You will also receive an email with this info upon submitting the form. If you don’t, check your spam box and the email address you provided during signups.

We will be swapping mini quilts or pillow covers (henceforth both will be referred to as a “mini”). Minis should be a minimum of 16” on the shortest side, and no more than 24” on the longest side. -smallest possible: 16x16 -largest possible: 24x24 -does not need to be square, but should fit your partner’s tastes.

This is an “open” swap, meaning that you and your partner will be in touch with one another throughout the entire swap process. But, you should keep what you are making for them secret so it’s a suprise!

Please DO NOT make any extras (pouches, bags, etc). We only have room to ship minis! However, please enclose a card for your partner with their name on the outside and pin it to the mini.

Swap Mommas are here to help you. If you have questions during the swap, please reach out to them. Did something com