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Nominees for the HMQG Elected Board 2019

Below are the guild members who have self nominated to be your Elected Board for 2019. Elections will take place at the November general meeting on Saturday November 17. At this meeting nominations from the floor will not be allowed. At the time of this posting, the below nominees are running unopposed. Therefore, according to the bylaws of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, voting will take place at the November monthly general meeting by VOICE. NO paper ballots or ballot button will be posted on this website. Only members in good standing may vote in the elections.

This posting is to serve as the online election notice required by the Houston Modern Quilt Guild Bylaws.

Officers shall be installed at the December meeting or social function. Please direct all inquiries concerning this posting and election procedures to Janet Cassiani and/or Michaela Lim. Thank you to these members for volunteering.

President Elect: Rosemarie Waiand

VP Programming: Cathy Melancon

VP Communication: Barbara Averill

VP Membership: Tina Johnson

Treasurer: Jenn Saxena

Secretary: Elizabeth Miceli

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