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Meet the HMQG 2018 Executive Board Nominees

Our President for 2018 will be Janet Cassiani who has been serving as President-Elect this year. The rest of the positions are up for a vote at our November Meeting.

If you are unable to attend the November meeting, we ask that you please cast your vote for the board and on our bylaw changes by clicking here. Please note that you can only vote once.

Here's a bit about each of the ladies.


President: Janet Cassiani

I started quilting around 2010. Although I have been sewing since my mid twenties, I had not done any quilting.

I took a beginners class at Joann's fabric; then discovered Craftsy. I bought some quilting classes and was hooked! I spent hours watching Craftsy & YouTube videos.

I attended QuiltCon in Austin in 2012. The Houston Modern Quilt Guild was there recruiting members. After chatting with a few of the members, I knew this was the guild for me. I have learned so much from this great group of fun, creative, talented quilters.

When I am not sewing, you can find me kayaking Lake Woodlands or the Guadalupe River as well as hanging out with my family; husband, two sons, grandson & the cutest 30 pound poodle mix.


President-Elect: Michaela Lim

I grew up watching my mother sew everything from my clothes to wedding dresses, but my most vivid memory is of quilts.

I began quilting when I moved to Houston in 2009, I had been looking for a new comforter and couldn't find the colors I wanted so one weekend when my mom was in town shopping spree occurred, fabric patterns sewing machine and I set out to make my first quilt. I had a king size bed and this was a bigger project then I thought it would be having always seen my mom just whip things up like magic, and that's nit really how it works.

In addition to being involved with HMQG I also volunteer with HLSR Wine Committee, and with the Cancer Ministry at my church (never short on finding someone to make a quilt for) in my day job I'm HR. When I am not working or tucked away sewing you might find me digging in a vegetable garden, or snuggled under a quilt with a good book (I read around 30 books a year), but I will never turn away an opportunity to hike in the mountains or share great food and wine with friends.


VP Programming - Colleen Marty

I have been a Houston Modern Quilt Guild member since 2012, and this year I am the Sunshine Committee Chair.

I am retired from the “oil business” after almost 30 years and have entered into Phase 2 of my life opening my own business this year.

I have been sewing all my life, dabbling in quilting since I move to Houston then got serious about five (5) years ago.

One of my other hobbies is baking which helps explain my business’ name Good With Sugar (side note - I bring homemade treats to monthly meetings).

I have a passion for learning and have been able travel near-and-far to attend quilt classes including every QuiltCon.

I believe my passion and experience make me a great candidate for Vice President of Programming, and I look forward to working with the HMQG members and Board for a wonderful 2018!


VP Communications - Jessica Russell

Hi! I'm am currently your Secretary for the HMQG.

I'm a librarian and have been working in Houston area libraries for the last 14 years.

My family is crafty and I began sewing and crafting as a kid. I joined a medieval recreation group after college, focusing on making clothing and learning historic embroidery techniques.

Yo-yo quilts were my introduction to quilting--I love to hand-sew! I joined the HMQG 2 years ago in search of a crafting community and found it here.

I'm working on finishing my first quilt and knitting like crazy.


VP Membership - Tina Johnson

I have been quilting since 2006 when I made my first quilt for my Little Sister’s college graduation.

I have been hooked on making quilts ever since. I enjoy making both modern and traditional quilts, hence I am also a member of the West Houston Quilt Guild.

I would like to work in the Membership role so that I can help new members transition into the guild and find their niche.


Treasurer - Nora DeDontey

I've only been quilting for four years, but once I started it quickly pushed aside my other hobbies of crochet, needlework and garment making.

My day job involves staring at a computer screen (I'm an engineer) so I love to come home and make things with my own two hands.

Besides crafting, I love numbers, earthquakes and my baby boy, Kian.

I'm great with spreadsheets so I've enjoyed being your Treasurer and hope to continue on next year.


Secretary - Michelle Gillam

My name is Michelle Gilliam. I am a 46 year old school nurse, and I have one son that is graduating high school this year.

I grew up watching my grandmother quilt...never really appreciating what she did.

It wasn't until her death in 2012 that I began digging through her Jo-Ann and Walmart stash, clumsily sewing different lengths of fabric at all different seam allowances. I couldn't believe what I had been missing!

Luckily, my mom also enjoys quilting, so it's something we learn and enjoy together.

I also enjoy reading, scrapbooking, napping, and taking road trips with my fiancé.