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HMQG Mystery Quilt: Section 5

Whelp-Harvey is here and we have no internet or TV. But we have power and I have an IPad with unlimited data and a sewing machine and nervous energy so here goes! The first 2 blocks were done - the last blocks were completed under duress - hope I took enough photos!

All blocks use a ¼ inch seam unless told otherwise.

When we use an existing block tutorial in its entirety, we have linked to it and given them credit. Where we can, we have chosen to link directly to the pattern for your use and just shown our finished block. Any pattern that we have linked to or used in anyway is in the domain and is free for personal use.

This Mystery Quilt consists of 6 sections. We will be releasing them in 5 groups, every other month. Over the summer, we will release section 3 and 4 together. The last pattern set will be released in December and final quilts will be shown at the January 2018 meeting.

Make this your own quilt. Use fabrics and colors that speak to you. Skip a block and insert solid panels if you want to do that! Substitute a different 12 inch block if you have a favorite you want to use. This is supposed to be a fun sampler quilt using a variety of blocks in a modern way.

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