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Modern Machine Quilting Workshop with Christa Watson

Saturday, August 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Martin's Episcopal Church (717 Sage Rd, Houston) Cost: $60 cash/ck or $63 PayPal Register Here!

Take your quilts to the next level by adding depth and dimension to your designs. The secret is learning to let go of perfection by creating asymmetrical textures that require little to no marking of the quilt. Unleash the potential of your domestic machine by utilizing both free-motion quilting and walking foot techniques.

Learn how to quilt wavy lines and irregular grids, decorative stitches, uneven straight lines, large continuous spirals, interesting loop variations, modern alternatives to stippling, and geometric ribbon candy variations. Find out more about Christa by visiting her website.

Workshop Supply List

  • Recommended - Machine Quilting With Style: From Walking Foot Wonders to Free Motion Favorites by Christa Watson; or The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting by Christa Watson and Angela Walters. Signed copies will be available during class

  • 12 practice quilt sandwiches consisting of two large squares of solid or tonal colored fabric basted together with batting in between. At least 10” for the top square, 11” for the batting, and 11” or more for the bottom square of each sandwich. For variety you may substitute single quilt blocks in any size, or printed fabric for a few of the practice squares

  • Thread to match your fabrics - I recommend cotton, 50 weight Aurifil

  • Extra bobbins, thread snips

  • Washable marking pen and straight edge, or painter’s tape to use as a guide

  • New machine needle - I recommend size 80/12 sharp, topstitch, or machine quilting

  • Sketchbook and pen or pencil for note taking and FMQ sketching

  • Sewing machine in good working order with owner’s manual and all attachments

  • Free motion foot to fit your machine - please make sure it fits before class

  • Arrive with walking foot attached to your machine; open toe is recommended

Note: Please be sure you low how to use your sewing machine and switch out your feet. Unfortunately, we won’t have time in class to trouble shoot your machine.

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