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HMQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt

This year the theme is “Modern Traditionalism”. What is modern traditionalism? How do we achieve that look? Some methods used to achieve this modern look with traditional blocks include changing scale, using alternative grid layouts, working with modern color palettes and the use of negative space.

Michelle Hines, HMQG member, has given us a basic layout that we are using to create our 2018 quilt. A copy of that drawing is featured here, but be aware these are not the final blocks or scale that we are using. Included for illustrative purposes, it may help you with creating our blocks. We are going to float basic quilt blocks into several grids with lots of negative space. Some of the blocks will also be in varying sizes.

The color palette consists of white, marigold, apricot, watermelon, jewel and jam. The background fabric is white. All other color placement will be determined by you at your discretion. For example Duck Tracks uses 3 fabrics colors and the background fabric. The color placement is your choice. You will have an assortment of colors in your kit for whatever blocks you sign up for.

You should have enough fabric to make your primary block plus several secondary blocks utilizing the scraps. It also makes it easy to get a variety in color for these units.

For more details on the bl