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HMQG | Mystery Quilt Sections 3 & 4

Make this your own quilt. Use fabrics and colors that speak to you. Skip a block and insert solid panels if you want to do that. Substitute a different 12 inch block if you have a favorite you want to use. This is supposed to be a fun sampler quilt using a variety of blocks in a modern way.

As you create your Mystery Quilt, please be sure to post photos (tagged with #hmqgmysteryquilt17) and bring them to each meeting for sew and tell. We are looking forward to seeing your creations.

You are getting two sections so that you can work alllllll summer on creating your beautiful Mystery Quilt!

The first photo shows Sections 1 (top left), 2 (bottom left), and 3 (right)

This photo shows Section 4

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